1. These terms of service are subject to change at any time. Any changes will not affect current in-progress commissions.
2. All communication will be done through e-mail at hopper.alyssa.a@gmail.com to ensure consistency, accuracy, and for record-keeping purposes.
3. After consultation and contracts have been signed, a Paypal invoice will be sent to the customer. The invoice must be paid in full before work begins.
4. The artist has a right to deny a commission request for any reason and cancel at any time due to any unprofessional behavior and abuse from the client.
5. Graphic violence, sexual content, hate speech, or endangerment of minors or animals is prohibited and will be denied.
6. The client will be given two(2) revisions during the sketching stage of the commission. Additional revisions will be a charge of $10 per revision.
7. If the commission is canceled before inking begins, 50% of the price will be refunded. In the event of a cancellation after that stage, the client will not be refunded.
8. High-quality reference is requested if needed. All references must be safe for work and not contain any sexual content.
9. Turnaround time for a commission is up to four(4) weeks. The client will be kept updated, but they are also welcome to check in on the progress.
10. The artist retains the copyright to the image and as such, will be allowed to display it on their website, social media, and portfolio.
11. Unless an additional licensing fee is paid, the artist, therefore, retains the right to reproduce the completed artwork for merchandise or prints.
12. The client may post the watermarked product on their personal website and social media with credit, as well as print a copy for their personal use. They may resize the artwork for icons and wallpapers, as long as proper credit is given. They may not profit off the piece in any way unless a license is negotiated, i.e prints and merchandise.
13. By submitting payment, the client agrees to the terms listed in this document.

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